KIMS Policy Report

Project on Southeast Asia Coast Guard-Indonesian Coast Guard

This report discusses the development of the Indonesian Coast Guard or also known as BAKAMLA. Firstly, it discussed the historical background of BAKAMLA, which was originated from the BAKORKAMLA. In 2014, BAKAMLA was established under the mandate of the Indonesian Law of Maritime Affairs and Presidential Regulation Number 178 of 2014. Under this regulation, BAKAMLA has been mandated as the leading institution to coordinate law enforcement at sea. Indonesia has more than five institution/ ministry that has the authority to do the law enforcement at sea. Some of which are, the Indonesian Navy, Water Police, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Customs, and the Ministry of Transportation. Therefore, with this multi-agency law enforcement at sea, Indonesia needs a leading institution to
coordinate a join patrol and an integrated law enforcement mechanism. Under President Joko Widodo the political commitment was to make BAKAMLA as the leading institution. However, in practical, there are some challenges to create BAKAMLA as the leading institution. 

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