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If South Korea pursues regional maritime cooperation more actively, what effects will it achieve in the future? – Examining implications derived from Japan and Australia’s experiences in the Indo-Pacific region

Strategic competition between the United States and China is fierce in the maritime domain. China’s ‘One Belt, One Road Strategy (BRI)’, which is competing with the US ‘Indo-Pacific Strategy’, has a scope that extends to Southeast Asia, Central Asia, West Asia, the Middle East, and Southeastern Europe. The United States blocks the west of China with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and controls the Middle East, the middle point, through solidarity between the U.S. military and friendly countries stationed in the Gulf region and the region. And the nation responds to China’s expansion of influence in the eastern Indo-Pacific region by incorporating the contributions of its allies and friends. Several countries are already working to strengthen the deterrence power of the security network led by the United States to pressure and check China. The Indo-Pacific strategy of the Quad countries is one of those efforts. 

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