Korea Institute for Maritime Strategy Periscope Author Guideline

As the name suggests, Periscope aims for timely identification and accurate assessment of the latest and most pressing questions related to the maritime domain, including strategy, security, safety, law and economy. For this purpose, we invite expert analyses of range of different issues in hopes of assisting the state’s efforts to safeguard and strengthen its maritime rights.

This is a platform for intellectual engagement over the questions of what the problem is, why it is important and what needs to be done about it. It seeks to offer insights that are concise, readable, balanced and nuanced with the goal of helping those in charge of formulating policy and strategy. We are confident that the readers will find the knowledge and wisdom shared by the contributors tremendously beneficial.

* Please maintain political neutrality in the writing

A brief stylistic guide for KIMS Periscope is as follows:

  • Length: A4 2~3 pages (or 1,700 words) using MS Word
  • Author profile: author’s profile picture (jpg, png, etc.) and brief biography (three lines)
  • Contents
    1) One-paragraph abstract (or six lines)
    2) Clear, concise and readable introduction of the issue(s) (current state of affairs or trends) related to the maritime domain, such as security and strategy, that is based on hard facts.
    3) Convincing explanation of the topic’s significance and relevance by explaining, for instance, why you chose the topic and why it is important to engage with that topic at this particular moment
    4) A well thought-out, fact-based and insightful analysis
    5) Policy/academic implications, suggestions, forecasts, etc.

KIMS Periscope aims to service a rich range of expert analyses in hopes of serving the interests of both Korea and the wider world. We kindly ask that you carefully consider the guideline above when writing your paper.

The review committee may reject the paper that is deemed to be inconsistent with this guideline.

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