KIMS Periscope

KIMS Periscope is published three times a month and provides expert analysis by scholars from Korea and abroad of the latest issues concerning international relations, maritime affairs and security.

KIMS Periscope Author Guideline

Periscope aims for timely identification and accurate assessment of the latest and most pressing questions related to the maritime domain, including strategy, security, …

Cyberwarfare and the Maritime Domain

KIMS Periscope No. 332 ICRC Regional Resource Network, Asia Pacific André Smit Head of ICRC Mission in Seoul Jamila Hammami pdf view Malicious cyber measures encountered in the maritime domain range from simple criminality, through

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The Future of Sea Power and South Korea

KIMS Periscope No. 311 Royal Danish Defence College Dr Ian Bowers pdf view The Russian invasion of Ukraine has highlighted the confluence of two significant elements in contemporary warfare. One, that technology and innovation can

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Mine Warfare at Sea in a Korea Contingency

KIMS Periscope No. 301 미국 해군대학 교수 Raul (Pete) Pedrozo pdf view Although sea mines have been effectively used both offensively and defensively in every major maritime conflict since the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905), few navies

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