KIMS Periscope

KIMS Periscope is published three times a month and provides expert analysis by scholars from Korea and abroad of the latest issues concerning international relations, maritime affairs and security.

KIMS Periscope Author Guideline

Periscope aims for timely identification and accurate assessment of the latest and most pressing questions related to the maritime domain, including strategy, security, …

South Korea, the Quad, and Maritime Security

KIMS Periscope No. 272 U.S. Naval War College Professor Terence Roehrig pdf view The Indo-Pacific region is facing a host of daunting maritime challenges, including increasingly frequent and extreme weather events due to climate change,

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Naval Hypersonic Weaponry Comes of Age

KIMS Periscope No. 243 Richard Weitz Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for Political-Military Analysis Hudson Institute The Pacific is entering a new hypersonic missile age. Russia, China, the United States, and other Indo-Pacific

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The ROK and the Indo-Pacific Strategy

KIMS Periscope No. 210 Erik French International Studies at the State University of New York at Brockport Director & Assistant Professor 인쇄용 PDF보기 The U.S. has recently laid out a new strategy to maintain a

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