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Message from the CEO

Welcome to the Korea Institute for Maritime Strategy Web-Site.

Throughout world history, the sea has played a significant role in serving as a bridge between civilizations and cultures by providing transportation means for both people and goods.
The sea has recently tended to be considered more significant than ever as we have realized its ever-growing role in terms of national security and the supply of resources necessary for economic development.

Historically, nations that had command of the sea came to win wealth and power.
Those Western European nations that ventured to distant regions across oceans following the discovery of the New World and new routes to the East during the 15th and 16th centuries have led the world politically, economically and militarily during the last five centuries. In other words, nations that best took advantage of the sea came to prosper and strengthen their power; whereas, for those that failed to make use of the sea, the sea was just a route by which they came to be invaded by outside forces.

Korea, surrounded by the sea on three sides, is a typical nation that failed to capitalize on the potential of the sea. Korea, however, recently has begun to pay increasing attention to the sea with respect to national defense, economy and international relations.
Following the United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea and the advent of the post-Cold War era, a new order, a new system, and new values have tended to take shape concerning the seas. Furthermore, every nation is contributing its utmost to secure its territorial waters and sovereignty of the sea.

The Korea Institute of Maritime Strategy (KIMS) was established in recognition of the significance of the sea in the context of Korea’s future. KIMS will continue to find adequate means to enhance national stability and international peace by undertaking various research projects designed to serve as the basis for the formulation of national security strategy, focusing on “how to manage the sea effectively and how to ensure peace at sea.”

Chairman  CHUNG Eui-Sung