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Publication of ‘The Peace and Conflict of East Asian Sea’

Korea Institute for Maritime Strategy (KIMS) published a book (581 pages) entitled ‘The Peace and Conflict of East Asian Sea’ on July 24 by compiling the dissertations published in KIMS Periscope for 4 years. The book contains more than 150 dissertations published in KIMS Periscope once every 10 days since June of 2015 and is composed of 5 parts. Part 1 evaluates the situation of the maritime security in East Asia comprehensively and Part 2 focuses on the analysis of the major issues of maritime disputes in East Asia and the task of security cooperation. Part 3 analyzes the contents and characteristics of the newly emerging unconventional maritime security issues and Part 4 deals in the threats to the security of the Korean peninsula and presents the measures and solutions for the nuclear weapon, missiles, etc. of North Korea. Lastly, Part 5 examines the competition of the naval forces of major countries in East Asian region and the realistic plans of Korea to cope with it.

It is possible to buy the book by contacting the secretariat of KIMS (Tel.: 82-2-333-2536~8, E-mail: kims@kims.or.kr). The price of the book is 20,000 won.

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