Expert Workshop

The 24th (Maritime Security in East Asia for Japan and Korea)

KIMS-OPRF Workshop

  • KIMS
    Mr. Song Keun-Ho President KIMS
    ADM. An Byoung-Tae Former President KIMS
    Dr. Lee Chang-Wee University of Seoul
    Dr. Choo Sung-Jae Kyung-Hee University
    Dr. Shim Moon-Bo Korea Hydrographic & Oceanographic Adm.
    Dr. Yoon Suk-Joon KIMS Senior Researcher
    Dr. Chung Sam-Man KIMS Senior Researcher
    Dr. Park Chang-Kwoun KIDA Senior Researcher
    Dr. Yang Jung-Seung KIMS Secretary General
  • OPRF(Ocean Policy Research Foundation,Japan)
    Mr. Masahiro AKIYAMA President Tokyo Foundation, Senior Advisor OPRF
    Dr. Hiroko SASAKI Research Fellow OPRF

1000-1020 Welcome & introduce

1020-1200 Presentation/ Discussion

o Maritime Security in East Asia for Japan and Korea
Mr. Masahiro Akiyama

o Legal issues regarding maritime boundary delimitation between Kore and Japan
Dr. Lee Chang-Wee

o For Peaceful Cooperation in the East China Sea and South China Sea
Dr. Hiroko Sasaki

o Issues of Sea Naming and Possible Solutions
Dr. Choo Sung-Jae

1200-1330 Luncheon/ Conclusion

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