Expert Workshop

The 23rd (Current Issues of Spratly Island, Ieodo and Maritime Security)

KIMS-Diplomative Academy of Vietnam Workshop

    • Vietnam
      1. Amb. Dang Dinh Quy(Head of group), President of the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam
      2. MG Tran Van Huong, General Director, Defense and Security Department
      3. Mr. Dinh Tran Loi, Director General of Defense and Security Department, Ministry of Finance
      4. Mr. Nguyen Duong Nam, Director General, the Central Organizing Commission
      5. Mr. Dao Quang Trung, Deputy Director General of Domestic Affairs Department, the Government Office
      6. Dr. Tran Truong Thuy, Director of the South China Sea Studies Centre, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam
      7. Mr. Nguyen Thai Giang, Research Fellow of the South China Sea Studies Centre, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam
      8. Mr. Phan Tuan Nam
    • Korea
      1. Amb. Song Keun-Ho, President, KIMS
      2. Dr. Shin Chang-Hoon, Senior Researcher of KIMS
      3. RADM. Yoon Kong-Yong, Joint Chief of Staff
      4. RADM(Ret) Lim In-Soo, Senior Researcher of KIMS
      5. Dr. Yoon Suk-Joon, Senior Researcher of KIMS
      6. Dr. Chung Sam-Man, Senior Researcher of KIMS
      7. Dr. Park Chang-Kwoun, Korea Institute for Defense Analyses
      8. Capt. Han Young-Hee, Cheongwadae(Blue House)
      9. Mr. Kang Hwan-Jung, Ministry of National Defense
      10. LT. Shin Yang-Kyo, Ministry of National Defense
      11. Dr. Yang Jeong-Sung, Secretary General of KIMS

° 10:30-10;35 Welcome and Open Remarks

ㆍAmb. Song Keun-Ho, President of KIMS
ㆍAmb. Dang Dinh Quy, Presidnet of the DAV

° 10:35-12:30 Presentation/ Discussion

ㆍMaritime Disputes in the South China Sea: Issues, Developments and Prospects
Dr. Tran Thuong Thuy

.Current Issues of Ieodo
Dr. Shin Chang-Hoon

° 12:30- 13:30 Luncheon

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