Expert Workshop

The 21st (Maritime Strategy in Southeast Asia : Maritime Domain Awareness)

United States( 8 persons), Philippine(5 persons), Republic of Korea(KIMS;1 person), Japan(1 person),China(1 person), Indo(1 person), Indonesia(3 persons), Singapore(2 persons),Australia(1 person), Newzealand(1 person), Canada(1 person), Thailand(1 person), Malaysia(2 persons), Vietnam(3 persons), Brunei(1 person)

30 January

  • Session I : Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA): Concept and Fundamentals
  • Session II : Comprehensive MDA: Essential Responses
  • Session III : International Organizations in the Maritime Information Sector
  • Session Ⅳ : Multilateral Regional Information Sharing Initiatives

31 January

  • Session Ⅴ : Minilateral Initiatives to Improve Domain Awareness
  • Session Ⅵ : Maritime Surveillance in the Tri-Border Sea Ar
  • Session Ⅶ : Best Practices and Recommendations
  • Session Ⅷ : Wrap-up and Concluding Remarks

17:00 Conclusion

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