Expert Workshop

The 20th (Navigation the Indo-Pacific Arc)

  • Singapore : 3 persons including Dr. Ian Store
  • Japan: 8 persons including Professor Masahiro Akiyama , Chairman of OPRF
  • United State: Commander Jonathan G. Odom, Judge Advocate General’s Corps, U.S.Navy
  • United Kingdom : Prof. Geoffrey Till, King’s College of United Kingdom
  • Korea(KIMS) : Dr. Yoon Suk-Joon, Senior Researcher, KIMS
  • Australia : Dr. Sam Bateman, Professorial research Fellow, Universityof Wollongong, Australia
  • China : Dr. Jin Yongming, Associate Professor, Director of Center for Oceans Law, Law Institute, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,China
  • India : Dr. Probal Ghosh , Senior Fellow , Observer Research Foundation ,India
  • Indonesia : Dr. Rizal Sukma(invited),ExecutiveDirector, CSIS, Indonesi
  • Vietnam : Dr. Tran Truong Thuy, Director of Center for South China Sea Studies, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, Vietnam

Day 1 February 28 ,2012

09:00- 17:00 Presentation and Discussion

Session 1 : Strategic Value of the Sea in the East Asia and Geopolitics

Session 2 : South China Sea Disputes

Session 3 :Major Power Strategies and Power Balance of the Sea s in East Asia

Day 2 February 29 , 2012

08:30-12:00 Presentation and Discussion

Session 4 : Strategic Positions of Australia , India and Japan

Session 5 : Legal Aspect of the EEZ

12:00 Conclusion

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