Expert Workshop

The 19th (Briefings on the Current Situation of Jeju Navy Base Construction)

○ 10:00-10:05 Open Remarks / Moderator

ㆍPresident Song Keun-Ho, KIMS

○ 10:05-10:50 Presentation

ㆍRADM. Park Chan-Seok, ROK Navy Headquaters

○ 10: 50-12:30 Panelist Discussion

– Emeritus Prof. Kim Dal-Joong, Yonsei University,
– ADM(Ret) An Byoung-Tae, Former CNO, ROK Navy
– Prof. Kim Ki-Jeong, Yonsei University
– Prof. Bae Jong-Yoon, Yonsei University
– Dr. An Ki-Seok, Senior Researcher, KIMS
– VADM(Ret) Yun Yon, Senior Researcher, KIMS
– Reporter Lee Jung-Hoon, Dong-A Ilbo
– Dr. Lee Choon-Kun, Senior Researcher, KIMS
– Dr. Lim In-Soo, Senior Researcher, KIMS
– Dr. Lim Han-Kyu, Senior Researcher, KIMS
– RADM(Ret). Cho Hak-Je, Senior Researcher, KIMS

○ 12:30-14:00 Luncheon/ Conclusion

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