Expert Workshop

The 18th (Naval Modernization in the Northeast Asia : Nature, Causes and Consequences)

DAY 1 Thursday, 26 January

08 :00-16:00 Presentation and Discussion

Session 1: Introduction: Setting the Agenda

Chairman : Sam Bateman, Senior Fellow and Advisor, Maritime Security
Naval modernnisation in South east Asia as Issues
Dr. Geoffrey Till , Visiting Professor, Maritime Security Programme, RSIS

The defense aquisition Process, Stakeholders, motives and procedures
Ron Mattews, Head of Graduate Studies and Deputy Director RSIS

Session 2: Common Themes: Comparators and Templates

Naval modernisation in the US and India : Contrasts and Coparisons
Richard Bitzinger, Senior Fellow, RSIS

Naval modernisation in China, Japan and korea : Contrasts and Comparisons
Ivan Storey , Associate Research Fellow , Insttute of Southeast Asia Studies

A Theoretical Model for Analysing the Acquisition of Weapon Systems
Adrian Kuah , Associate Research Fellow , RSIS

Commentary : Mingi Hyun, Korea Institute for Maritime Strategy(KIMS)

Session 3 : Southeast Asia Case Studies I : Naval Modernisation : Nature, Causes,
Chairman : Jane Chan, Research Fellow, RSIS

Vietnam: Nguyen Hung Son ,Deputy Director, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam
Malasysia : Ninam Bariron, Research Fellow , Maritime Institute of Malaysia
Philppines : Rommel Banlaoi, Excutive Director, Philippines Institute for Peace, Violence and Terrorism Research

16:00 End of Day 1

DAY 2 Friday 27 January

09:00-17:00 Presentation and Discussion

Session 4 : Southeast Asia Case Studies 11

Chairman : VADM(R)./ Ambassodor Song Keun Ho , President, Korea Institute for Maritim Strategy(KIMS)

Naval Modernisation : Nature, Causes, Consequences

Indonesia : Evan Laksmana, Researcher, Centre for Strategic and International Studies, ndonesia
Thailand : Kiatiyut Tiansuwan, Captain Naval Warfare Analyze , Center for Naval Strategic Studies Royal Thai Navy
Singapore: Collin Koh, Associate Resrarch Fellow Military Studies Program,RSIS

Session 5 : Naval Modernisation : Alternative Perspectves

Chairman : William Choon , Senior Writer ,Stait s Times

Views from Industry : ADM(r). Walter F. Doran, USN, President, Raytheon Asia
Submarines- a Special Case : Cmdre(r) Kack McCaffrie RAN
Surface Ship Balances :The Balance between Frigates, Cdrvettes and Patrol boats Bob Nugent AMI Washington

Session 6 : Naval modernisation and Southeast Asia Security

Chairman: Joshua Ho, Senior Fellow, RSIS

Navies and Costguard in Southeast Asia ; Striking the Balance Sam Bateman , Senior Fellow and Advisor ,Maritime Security Programme, RSIS
Naval Armes Race or Naval Dynamic : Bernard Loo, Coordinator, Military Studies/Trasformation Programmes, RSIS

17:00 Conclusion

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