Expert Workshop

The 16th (The North Korean WMD Treat: Nuclear Programs, Missiles and Proliferation)

◦ 10:00-10:05    Opening Remarks

ㆍPresident Song Keun-Ho, KIMS

◦ 10:05-10:40    Presentation

ㆍ Moderator : President Song Keun-Ho, KIMS

ㆍ Presenter : Prof. Bruce Bechtol, US Marine Corps Command and Staff College

◦ 10:40-11:00    Panelist Discussion

– MGEN. Kim Wang-Gu, Former Commander of Intelligence Command
– Dr. Kim Tae-Woo, Korea Institute for Defense Analyses
– Prof. Kim Tae-Ho, Hallym University Advanced International Studies
– LGEN. Park Song-Kuk, Former Vice Chairman, JCS
– VADM. Yun Yon, Senior Researcher, KIMS
– Dr. Lee Choon-Kun, Senior Researcher, KIMS

ㆍSecretary General Cha Heung-Kyun
ㆍSenior Researcher Dr. Kim Joo-Sik
◦ 11:00-11:15    Coffee Break

◦ 11:15-12:30    Free Discussion

◦ 12:30-14:00    Luncheon

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