Expert Workshop

The 15th (Counter Piracy of Military Operations in the Somalia)

◦ 12:00-13:00    Lunch

◦ 13:00-13:05    Open Remarks / Moderator

ㆍPresident Song Keun-Ho, KIMS

◦ 13:05-13:30    Presentation

ㆍ LTCDR Corey Tunner, Planning Officer, USNA CENT CMF
◦ 13:30-14:30    Panelist Discussion

– Commander Chio Seung-Mok, Chief of Staff, Chunghae Force
– LTCDR Lee Dae-Kyun, Operation Staff, Chunghae Force
– Commander Lee Kang-Heok, ROK Navy Headquaters

ㆍSecretary General Cha Heung-Kyun
ㆍSenior Researcher Dr. Kim Joo-Sik

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