Expert Workshop

The 13th (Basic Ocean Act,Japan)

◦ 09:00-09:05    Opening Remarks

ㆍPresident An Byoung-Tae, KIMS

◦ 09:05-10:00    Presentation

ㆍ Moderator : President An Byoung-Tae, KIMS

ㆍ Presenter : Chairman, Masahiro Akiyama, Ocean Policy Research Foundation(OPRF)
◦ 10:00-10:15    Coffee Break

◦ 10:15-12:00    Panelist Discussion

– Prof. Kim Young-Koo, Ryeo Hae Institute
– Law Officer Kim Dong-Wook, Joint Chief of Staff
– Prof. Kim Han-Taek, Kang Won University
– Prof. Paik Jin-Hyun, Seoul National University
– Prof. Lee Suk-Yong, Hannam University

* Observer
ㆍProf. Yasuyo Sakata, Kanda University of International
ㆍLaw Officer Kim Tae-Wook, Ministry of National Defense
ㆍDeputy Director An Wan-Soo, Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs
ㆍLaw Officer Lee Seung-Hwan, ROK Navy HQs

ㆍVADM(r)./Advisor Song Keun-Ho
ㆍSecretary General Cha Heung-Kyun
ㆍSenior Researcher Dr. Kim Joo-Sik
◦ 12:00-13:30    Lunch

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