Expert Workshop

The 12th (China’s Rise and the Future of the ROK-U.S. Alliance)

◦ 09:00-09:10    Opening Remarks

ㆍPresident An Byoung-Tae, KIMS

◦ 09:10-09:50    Presentation

ㆍ Moderator : President An Byoung-Tae, KIMS

ㆍ Presenter : Dr. Lee Sang-Hyun, Sejong Institute
◦ 09:50-10:50    Panelist Discussion

– Prof. Kim Tae-Ho, Hallym University Advanced International Studies
– Prof. Seo Jung-Kyong, Yonsei University
– Dr. Lee In-Ho, Institute for National Security Strategy
– Prof. Park Cheol-Hee, Graduated School of International Studies
– Dr. Chung Young-Tai, Korea Institute for National Unification

* Observer
ㆍCommander(Navy) Minister of National Defense
ㆍLT Colonel(Air) Department of Military Strategy, Joint Chief of Staff
ㆍDr. Yoon Suk-Joon, ROK Navy Headquaters
◦ 10:50-11:00    Coffee Break

◦ 11:00-12:00    Free Discussion

◦ 12:00-13:00    Lunch

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