KIMS Son Wonil Forum

The 5th – North Korea nuclear / long-range Missile threat and our response

10:20- 13:00  Presentation / Discussion

◦ Presentor  :  Jonathan D. Pollack, Brookings Institute Senior Fellow

◦ Moderator :  Song Keun-Ho, President, KIMS

◦ Discussants

ㆍRADM(r). Kim Jong- Min, Commander Submarine Flot, Defense Acquisition Program Administation

ㆍVADM(r). Kim Jung-Ryun, Vicce Chairman JCS, Commander 2nd ROK Fleet

ㆍDr. Kim Tae-Woo, Former President of Korea Insttute for National Unification

ㆍRADM(r). Ryu Ji-Hyun, Defense Attach, Japan

ㆍADM(r). Park  In- Young, Vice Chairman JCS, Commander ROK Fleet

ㆍDr. Park Chang-Kwoun, Senior Research Fellow, KIDA

ㆍDr. Park Ho-Sup, Senior Research Fellow,KIMS. Former Prof. ROK Naval War College

ㆍRADM(r). Bai Hyung-Soo, Navy Attache, USA, Commander, Naval Combat Development

ㆍRADM(r). Sur Yang-Won, Former Vice CNO

ㆍDr. Song Jong-Hwan, Visiting Professor of Myongji Univ.

ㆍRADM(r). Oh Sung-Kyu, Regiment Commander, Naval Academy Cardet

ㆍDr. Yoon Suk-Joon, Senior Research Fellow, KIMS

ㆍRADM(r). Lim In-Soo, Senior Research Fellow, KIMS, Commander Chihae Naval Base

ㆍRADM(r). Lim Han- Kyu, Vice Commander, ROK Naval Education and Training

ㆍRADM(r). Ham Won-Yong, Chief, Naval Ship Program Department, DAPA

13:00-14:00  Luncheon / Conclusion

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