KIMS Son Wonil Forum

The 1st – Chinese Maritime Strategy and ROK-U.S. Naval Cooperation

◦ 08:30-08:35   Open Remarks

President Song Keun-Ho, KIMS
◦ 08:35-09:10   Presenter : George Friedman

Moderator : VADM(ret). Yun Yon, Senior Research Fellow, KIMS, Former Commander ROK Fleet

Interpreter : Dr. Chung Sam-Man
◦ 09:10-10:30   Panelist Discussion

ㆍRADM(ret). Kim Jong-Min, Senior Research Fellow, KIMS. Former Commande Submarine Flot

ㆍRADM(ret). Kim Hyeok-Soo, Senior Research Fellow, KIMS, Former Commander Submarine Flot

ㆍADM(ret). Park In-Yong, Vice Chairman ,JCS, Commander ROK Fleet

ㆍDr. Park Ho-Sup, Senior Research Fellow,KIMS. Former Prof. ROK Naval War College

ㆍRADM(ret). Bae Hyung-Soo, Senior Research Fellow, KIMS Commander Naval Combat Development

ㆍDr. Yang Jeong-Sung, Secretary General, KIMS

ㆍDr. Yoon Suk-Joon, Senior Research Fellow, KIMS, Former Prof.ROK Naval War College

ㆍVADM(ret). Lim In-Soo, Senior Research Fellow, KIMS, Former Commander Chinhae Naval Base

ㆍVADM(ret). Lim Han-Koo, Senior Research Fellow, KIMS, Vice Commander, ROK Naval Education &Training

ㆍRADM(ret). Cho Hak-Je, Senior Research Fellow, KIMS, Former Commander 5th ROK Flot

ㆍRADM(ret). Han Kwang-Soo, Former Commander 1st ROK Fleet, Former Director Strategy Plan, JCS

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