KIMS Morning Forum

The 127th KIMS Morning Forum

  • Korea Institute for Maritime Strategy (KIMS) held the 127th KIMS Morning Forum on Sep. 25 with the theme of ‘Pursuit of maritime power and gray zone strategy of China’. In his presentation, Lee Seo-Hang, president of KIMS, reviewed the background of the maritime power policy of China implemented after appearance of president Xi Jinping in 2012 and then explained about the essence of the so-called ‘gray zone strategy’ mainly used by the maritime militia which I being mobilized as part of the effort to strengthen the maritime rights of China in connection with fishery.
  • President Lee defined the ‘gray zone strategy’ as ‘the strategy of using wartime methods even at ordinary time to achieve the national security interest of the nation’ and introduced that it has the characteristics of asymmetry of the means and gradual execution. He emphasized the necessity to grasp the true nature of the gray zone strategy of China and establish a ‘rule-based order’ in the waters around the Korean peninsula as Korea is experiencing conflicts on the West Sea including the illegal fishery of China and overlapping claims over maritime sovereignty.

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