International Conferences

Assessing the Evolving Maritime Security Environment in the Indo-Pacific

Korea (14 persons)America (21 persons)

Chairman. Chung Eui-Sung
Mr. Kim Jin-Taek
President. Song Keun-Ho
Dr. Lee Seo-Hang
Dr. Lee Choon-Kun
RADM. Kim Jong-Min
RADM(R). Bae Hyung-Soo
Naval Attache. Hwang Eui-Sik
CAPT. Jeong Seung-Gyun
CDR. Lee Jae-Jin
Ms. Yu Ha-Yeon
Dr. Yang Jeong-Sung
Dr. Yoon Suk-Joon

Gen. Seung Jo Jung
– Chairman of the JCS

RADM(r) Michael McDevitt
VADM(r) William Sullivan
Dr. Chris Twomey (NPG)
Dr. David Finkelstein (CNA)
Mr. Ken Gause (CNA)
Dr. Wade Huntley (NPG)
Mr. Larry Ferguson (CNA)
Dr. Terence Roehrig (NWC)
Dr. Eric Thompson (CNA)
Dr. Jonathan Pollack (Brookings Ins.)
Mr. Bruce Klinger (Heritage Found.)
Mr. Alan Romber (STIMSON Center)
RADM. William McQuilkin

CAPT. Peter Brennan (Pentagon)
Mr. Frank Miller (Defense Intelligence Agency)
Mr. Mary Connell (CNA)
CAPT. Donald Cribbs (Com-Pac)
Dr. Thomas Bickford (CNA)
Dr. Scott Snyder (Council on Foreign Relations)
Dr. Balbina Hwang (Georgetown University)
Dr. Ely Ratner (Center for New American Security

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