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Changing Maritime Security Environment and the Role of Navy :Challenges and Opportunities!

1. The U.S. pivot to Asia and maritime security in northeast Asia
– Bruce Klingner, Senior Research Fellow for Northeast Asia, The Heritage Foundation’s Asian Studies Center, USA

2. China’s maritime policy for maintaining maritime peace and order in northeast Asia
– Dr. Wu Shicun, President, National Institute for South China Sea Studies, CHN

3. Japanese perspectives on maritime security and security in northeast Asia
– VADM(ret.) Yoji Koda, Former Commander, Self Defense Fleet, JPN

4. Asia-Pacific maritime security and north Korean nuclear-missile developments
– Dr. Evgeny A. Kanaev, Center for Asia Pacific Studies, IMEMO, RUS

5. Transnational maritime threats and ways to enhance interagency cooperation
– Dr. Park Young-kil, Korea Maritime Institute (KMI)

6. Changes in paradigm for naval power operation and modernization trends
– Captain Justin Jones, Sea Power Centre – Australia

7. Expansion of ROK Navy’s role suited for our national prestige
– Dr. Lee Choon-kun, KIMS

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