International Conferences

The 6th KIMS-CNA International Conference

08:30~09:00  Registration

09:00~09:10  Welcoming and Opening Remarks

Ambassador Song Keun-Ho, President, KIMS
Dr. Eric Thompson, Vice President, CNA

09:10~09:20  Congratulatory Speech

Ms. Leslie Bassett, DCM, Embassy of the United States, Seoul Korea

09:20~09:30  Keynote Speech

ADM. Choi Yoon-Hee, CNO, ROKN

    09:30~12:10  Panel Ⅰ : The Changing Security Environment

Moderator : Dr. Eric Thompson, Vice President, CNA

         09:30~11:00  Presenters

◦ The Northeast Asian Security Environment amid Leadership Changes
Mr. Alan Romberg, Distinguished Fellow, Stimson Center, Washington DC

◦ China’s Growing Maritime/Naval Interests and East Asian Security
Dr. Kim Taeho, Professor, Hallym University, Senior Research Fellow, KIMS

◦ America’s New Defense Strategy and its Implications for East Asia
and the Korean Peninsula
RADM(ret) Michael McDevitt, Senior Fellow, Center for Naval Analyses

◦ Japan’s Maritime Strategy and East Asian Security
Dr. Lee Hong-Pyo, Professor, Kyushu University, Japan,
Former Senior Research Fellow, KIMS
         11:00~11:10  Coffee Break

11:10~12:10  Discussants

◦ Dr. Lee Seo-Hang, Former President, SLOC Study Group Korea,
Senior Research Fellow, KIMS
◦ Dr. Jeffrey Becker, Research Analyst, China Studies, CNA
◦ CAPT. & Dr. Chung Sam-Man, Senior Analyst on Combat Development
at Naval Forces Development Command
◦ RADM(ret) Michael McDevitt, Senior Fellow, CNA

    12:10~13:10  Luncheon

    13:10~15:55  Panel Ⅱ : The Continuing North Korean Military Threat

Moderator : ADM. An Byoung-Tae, Former CNO, ROKN

         13:10~14:40  Presenters

◦ North Korean Threat and Military Provocations to South Korea under
Kim Jung Un’s Regime
Dr. Lee Choon-Kun, Director, Security & Diplomacy Studies, KERI,
Senior Research Fellow, KIMS

◦ North Korean Calculus in the Maritime Environment: Covert versus Overt
Dr. Eric Thompson, Vice President, CNA Strategic Studies, CNA

◦ Ways to Strengthen ROK-US Naval Cooperation to Deter Provocations
by North Korea
VADM&Dr. Jung Ho-Sub, Commander, Naval Education&Training Command

◦ The Transfer of Wartime Operational Control in 2015 and Measures to
Enhance the ROK-US Navies Combined Operational Capabilities
Mr. Bruce Klingner, Senior Research Fellow, Heritage Foundation,
Washington DC

         14:40~14:55  Coffee Break

         14:55~15:55  Discussants

                ◦ Mr. Alan Romberg, Senior Fellow, Stimson Center, Washington DC
◦ Dr. Park Chang-Kwoun, Senior Research Fellow, Korea Institute for
Defense Analyses
◦ RADM William McQuilkin, Commander US Naval Forces Korea
◦ RADM(ret) & Dr. Lim In-Soo, Professor, Chang Won National Univ.,
Senior Research Fellow, KIMS

     16:00  Adjournment

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