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The Korean Peninsula after the 2012 Presidential Elections in the United Ststes, South Korea and Regional States

Wednesday , june 27, 2012

09:30~09:50  Opening Remarks

– Dr. Edward A. McCord, Director, Sigur Center for Asian Studies, The George Washington University
– General  John H. Tilelli, USA(Ret.) Co-Chairman, Council on U.S.-Korean SecurityStudies(ROK Council)
– General Jae-Chang  KIm, Co-Chairman, Council on U.S-Korean Security Studies (ROK Council)
– Dr. Soon Paik, President, International Council on Korean Studies and U.S. Department of Labor

12:00~13:45  Luncheon and Luncheon Speech
Sponsored by the Sejong Institute and Korea Institute for Maritime Strategy

Speaker   The U.S.-ROK Partership and Peace and Prosparity in East Asia

10:00~11:45   Panel 1.Major Powers’ Relations in the Korean Peninsula

   Moderator :  Dr. Edward A. McCord


– U.S.  Policy  toward the Two Koreas after  the U.S.& ROK Elections in 2012
Dr. Doug Bandow, the Cato Institute
–  China’s Korean Policy after the 2012 Leadership Transitions in Asia and America
Mr. Gordon G. Chang, Forbes. Com
– Russia’s Policy toward North Koreaq in the Post-Kim Il Era
Dr. Byungki Kim, Institute for Sustainable Development, Korea University
– The Abductions Issue Ten Years on: Japan  and the Korean  Peni nsula
Dr. Celeste Arrington, The George Washington University


– Dr. Robert G. Sutter,  The Gedrge Washington University
– Dr. Andrew Scobell, RAND Coporation – Washington
– Dr. Yong Soon Yim,  Sungkyunkwan University

12:00~ 13:45     Luncheon and Luncheon Speech
Sposored by Hwajeog Peace Foundation and Don12:00~13:45   Luncheon g-A Ilbo

Speaker: ROK-U.S. Relations after Ratification of the Bilateral  Free Trade Agreement
The Honorable  Young-Jin Choi, ROK Ambassador to the U.S.

14:00~15:45   Panel 2  The U.S._Korean Alliance afterthe 2012 Presidential  Elections

       Moderator: General John H. Tilelli,Jr.,


– U.S._ROK Resposes to North Korea’s Provocations: The Next Phase
Colonel David S. Maxwell, USA(Ret.), Georgetown University
– The U.S. -ROK Contigency Plan  for the DPRK Crisis in the the Post-Kim Jung Il Era
Dr. Changhee Park, Korean national Defense University
– Political Dynamicsof U.S.-ROK-Japan Trilateral Cooperation in the Post-Kim Jung Il Era
dr. Michael O’Hanlon, Brookings Institution


– Dr. Michael J. Green, Center for Strategic  and International Studies
– Ambassador  Keun -Ho , ViceADM(Ret.), ROK Navy, President of the KIMS
– Dr. Nam Sung Huh, Korean National Defense University

15:45-16:15   Coffee Break

16:15~18:00   Panel 3.  North-South  Korean Relations  in the New ROK Administration

        Moderator: Ambassador & Dr. Chong Wook Chung, Seoul National University


– The Challenge of North Korea’s Nuclear Program and Two Korea Relations
Dr. Yun Young Cho, Chungang University
–  The Kim Jong-Un Regime’s Survival Strategy and Prospects for inter- Korean Relations
Dr. Hong Nack Kim, West Virginia University
–  Prospects for Inter-Koreans Economic Cooperation: The Next Phase
Dr. Nicholas Ebestadt, American Enterprise Institute


– Dr. Marcus Noland, Peterson Institute for International Economics
– Dr. Larry Niksch, Center for Strategic and International  Studies
– Dr. Young O. Yoon,  Kookmin University

18:30~21:00     Dinner and Dinner Speech
Sponsored by ROK Minister of national Defense (Hon. Kwan jin Kim)
Speaker  A Free North Korea
Lieutenant General Wallace”Chip” Gregson, USMC(Ret.), former Assistant Secretary of Defense,
Asian and Pacific Security

Introduced by  General John Tilelli, USA(Ret.), Co-Chairman, Council on U.S._Korean Security
Stuidies(U.S. Council)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

09:45~11:45  Panel 4. Prospecys for Korea’s Economic Relations with Major  Powers After U.S.- Korea
Free Trade Agreement

     Moerator: Dr. Soon Paik, President  International Council on Korean Studies and U.S. Department Labor


-The Impact of the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement on Both Economies
Dr. Yoon Shik Park, The George Washington University
– The Prospect of Korea-China FTA and its Impact on the U.S.- Korea Economic and PolticalRelations
Dr. Claud Barfield, American Enterprise Institute
– The Russo- Korean Cooperation for Natural Resourses: The Prospect of the Trans-Siberian Gas Pipeline
Dr. Sung Gul Hong, Kookmin University
Dr. Jin Whyu Mok,  Kookmin University


–  Dr. Richard T. Shin,  Economists Incorporated
–  Dr. Myung Soon Shin, Yonsei University
–  Dr. Il Hwa Jung, Hankook Ilbo and Kyonggi University

12:00~13:45   Luncheon and Luncheon Speech
Sponsored by the Sejong Institute and Korea Institute for Maritime Strategy

Speaker    The U.S-ROK Partnership and Peace and Prosperity in East Asia
The Honorable Doris Kathleen Stephen s, former U.S. Ambassador to the ROK

Introduced by  Dr. Edward A. McCord, Sigur Center for Asian Studies, The George
Washington University

!14:00~16:15    Panel 5. Military Issues on Korean Peninsula

     Moderator:  Lieutenant General Raymond P. Ayres, Jr., U.S. Marine Corps(Ret.)


–  North Korea’s Capability to Conduct Provocations and the ROK- U.S. Capability to Counter Them
Dr. Sung Pyo Hong, Ajou University
–  The North Korean Asymmetric Threat: Advances and Internet
Dr. Bruce E. Bechtol, Jr., Angelo State University
– The Right Steps to ROK Defense Reform: How to Overcome Constrains

15:00~15:15   Coffee Break


– Dr. Patric M. Cronin, Centerfor a New American Security
– Dr.& Brigadier General (Ret.), Dae Sung Song , President, The Sejong Institute
– Dr. Samman Chung, Korea Naval War College

16:30~16:45    Closing Remarks

– Dr. Edward A. Cronin,  Director, Sigur Center for Asian Studies, the George Washington University
– General John H.Tilelli, Jr., USA(Ret.), Co-Chairman, Council on U.S._Korean Security Studies
(U.S. Council)
– General Jae-Chang Kim, ROK(Ret.), Co-Chairman, Council on U.S.-Korean Security Studies
(ROK Council)
– Dr. Soon Paik, President, International Council on Korean Studies and U.S. Department of Labor

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