International Conferences

The 5th KIMS-CNA International Maritime Security Seminar

09:00-09:10  Welcome and Open Remarks

Welcome Remarks :    RADM(r). Michael M. McDevitt, Senior Researcher, CNA
Open  Remarks :  Ambassador/ VADM(r). Song  Keun-Ho, President, KIMS

09:10-17:00  Presentation/ Discussion

Moderator :  VADM(r).   Song  Keun-Ho, Korea Institute for Maritim Strategy(KIMS)
RADM(r).  Michael M. McDevitt, Senior Researher, CNA

Paper 1. Dealing with North Korean Maritime Provocations Around the NLL
(Northern Limit Line)

• Prof. Chung Sam-Man, ROK Naval War College
• Mr. Ken E. Gause, Senior Analyst, CNA

Paper  2. The Long Term Impact of the Cheonan Sinking on Alliance Naval Concepts
and Operations

• Dr. Thomas Bowditch, Senior Analyst, CNA
• Dr. Park Chang-Kwoun, Senior Researcher of KIDA

12:00-13:00  Luncheon Speech : Mr. James A. Kelly, Former Deputy Vice Minister of
Asia-Pacific,U.S Department of State
/ Representative of Six Party in North Korean Nuclear

Paper  3. China’s Reaction to US Maritime Operations Inside the First Island Chain

• Dr. Lee Choon-Kun, Senior Researcher, KIMS
• Mr. Abraham Denmark, Senior Advisor, CNA
Paper  4. Assessing Tri-lateral USN-ROKN-JMSDF Naval Cooperation

• ADM(ret). An Byoung-Tae, Former CNO, ROK Navy
• RADM(ret). Michael McDevitt, Senior Researcher, CNA

17:00  Conclusion

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