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The Changing Situation North Korea : Opportunities of ROK-U.S. Cooperative Policies

09:00-17:00  October 27

Panel I : Regime Succession – the Political and Economic Dimensions

Chair: Dr. Yong Soon Yim, Emeritus Professor of Sungkyunkwan University

“Political Dimension: Regime Succession and the Potential for Political Crisis”
Mr. Robert Collins, Committee for Human Rights in North Korea

“Economic Dimension: North Korea’s Economy and Its Political and Military Implications”
Dr. Un-Chul Yang, Seior Researcher,  Sejong Institute
Mr. Jude Shea, Director, Korea Battlefield Simulation Center
Dr. Taejoon Han, Professor, Jung- Ang University

ㅇ  Luncheon Speech:  U.S. Ambassador to ROK

Panel 2: The North Korean Military Threat and Its Implications for Negotiating Strategy


`Chair: GEN(ret.) John H. Tilelli, Jr., Cochairman, USA Council of COKUSS

“North Korea’s Conventional Military and WMD Capabilities”
Dr Bruce e. Bechtol, Jr, Professor,  Angelo State University
“Negotiating with South Korea and the U.S.: North Korean Strategy and Objectives”
Dr. Seong-Whun Cheon,  Senior Researcher,  Korea Institute for National Unification

Mr. Joseph Bermudez, Jane’s Defence Weekly
Dr. Chung Min Lee,   Professor,  Yonsei University

Panel 3: North Korea’s Relations with China and Russia


`Chair: Dr. Hong Nack  Kim, Professor,  West Virginia University

“Policy Implications of DPRK-PRC Relations”
Mr. Gordon Chang, Forbes.Company
“Policy Implications of DPRK-Russia Relations”
Dr. Ji-Sue Lee, Professor, Myung-Ji University
Dr. Mel Gurtov, Professor, Portland State University
Dr. Eunsook Chung, Senior Researcher, Sejong Institute:

ㅇ  Dinner Speech: ROK Defense Miniter
ㅇ 09:00-17:00 October 28

Panel 4: North Korea’s Policies toward the ROK and the United States


` Chair: Dr. Hugo Wheegook  Kim, President,  East-West Research  Institute, Washington,

D.C.”DPRK-ROK Relations: Policy Limitations and Possibilities”
Dr. Duk-Min Yun, Senior Researcher, Institute for Foreign and National Security

“DRPK-U.S. Relations: Policy Limitations and Possibilities”
Col. David Maxwell, Colonel, U.S. Army, National Defense University

Mr. Greg  Scarlateiu, Senior Researcher, Korea Economic Institute
Dr. Dae-Sung Song, President, Sejong Institute
Dr. Jae Chun Kim, Professor,  Sogang University
ㅇ  Luncheon  Speech: Commending General, CFC Commend

Panel 5: ROK-U.S. Cooperation in Dealing with North Korea


`Chair:  ADM(ret.) Byoung Tae An,  frm. CS of ROKN, frm. President of Korean Institute for Maritime Strategy(KIMS)

“ROK-U.S. Cooperation for Peace and Security on the Korean Peninsula”
Dr. Mel Gurtov, Professor, Portland State University

“ROK-U.S. Cooperation for Dealing with a Political Crisis in North Korea”
Dr. Sung-Han Kim, Professor, Korea University

“ROK-U.S.-Japan Maritime Cooperation in the Korean Peninsula Area: Prospects for Multilateral Security Cooperation”
`RADM. Ho-Sup Jung, Defense Ministry, ROK

Dr. Bruce E. Bechtol Jr., Professor, Angelo State University
Dr/Capt.. Suk-Joon Yoon,  Chief Policy Analyst, HQ of ROK Navy
Dr. Sang Hyun Lee, Senior Researcher, Sejong Institute


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