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New Direction for ROK-U.S. Security Alliance: Go to the Basic

* August 23 (Thursday)

08:30-09:00 Registration: Desk at Conference Room

09:00-09:20 Opening Remarks
Gen (Ret.) Jae-Chang Kim, Council Co-chairman (ROK)
Gen (Ret.) John H. Tilelli,   Council Co-chairman (U.S.)

09:20-09:50 Keynote Speech: Hon. Dr. Jong-Chun Baek, National Security Advisor to President

09:50-12:20 PANEL I: Major Issues on North Korea: Problems and Remedies

ㆍHuman Rights in North Korea: A New Assessment (Politics) (U.S. Paper)
ㆍ Nuclear Weapons and WMD of North Korea: A New Assessment (Military) (ROK Paper)
ㆍEconomic Transformation of North Korea: A New Assessment (Economy) (ROK Paper)
–  Chair( ROK)  Dr. Hang Yul Rhee, Prof., Shepherd Univ.
– Presenters:
ROK: Dr. Taewoo Kim, Senior Fellow, Korea Institute for National Defense Analyses
Dr. Un Chul Yang, Senior Fellow, the Sejong Institute
U.S.: Ms. Suzanne Scholte, Chairman, North Korea Freedom Coalition
– Discussants:
ROK: Mr. Tong Kim, Visiting Prof., Johns Hopkins and Korea Univ.
U.S.: Mr. Scott A. Snyder, Senior Fellow, Asia Foundation
Dr. Young Whan Kihl, Prof., Iowa State Univ.
12:30-14:00 Luncheon
Policy Speech: Hon. Ambassador Alexander Vershbow, U.S. Embassy
Hosted by Ambassador Keun Park, President, The Korea America Friendship Society
Mr. Choong_Gu Nahm, Chairman, The Hwajeong Peace Foundation & The Institute 21st  for Peace Studies

14:00-16:20 Panel II: China and Japan`s Policy toward North Korea

ㆍChina`s Policy toward North Korea
ㆍJapan`s Policy toward North Korea
– Chair( ROK)  Dr. Yong Soon Yim, fm. Prof., Sungkyunkwan Univ.
– Presenters:
ROK :  Dr. Tae Hwan Lee, Senior Fellow, the Sejong Institute
Japan: Dr. Hideshi Takesada, Prof., National Institute for Defense Studies
U.S.: Dr. Robert G. Sutter, Prof., Georgetown Univ.
– Discussants:
ROK: Dr. Soung Chul Kim, Senior Fellow, The Sejong Institute.
U.S.: Dr. Stephen Noerper, Prof., Center for Global Affairs, New York Univ.
China: Rear Admiral(ret.) Zhenqiang Pan, Senior Fellow, The Center for Strategic Studies, Chinese National Defense Univ.

16:35-18:55 Panel III: Security Challenges for the New President of ROK

ㆍ The Impact of Korean Politics on Its Military Reform and the ROK-U.S. Security Cooperation (ROK Paper)
ㆍ The Implication of Korean Politics on ROK-U.S. Security Alliance: American Perspectives (U.S. Paper)
ㆍThe Impact of 2007 ROK Presidential Election on Its National Security: Vision for the Future (ROK paper)
– Chair( U.S.)  Gen(ret.) John H. Tilelli, Co-chairman of COKUSS
– Presenters:
ROK: Dr. Choong Nam Kim, Visiting Fellow, East-West Center, Hawaii
Dr. Byung Ki Kim, Prof., Korea Univ.
U.S.: Dr. William M. Drennan, Senior Fellow, U.S. Institute for Peace
– Discussants:
ROK: Dr. Changyin Chung, Senior Fellow, Korean Veterans Association
MD. Young Han Moon, Visiting Prof., Korea Military Academy
U.S.: Dr. Alexandre Y. Mansourov, Prof.. Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies

19;10-21:00: Dinner
Hosted and Speech by Hon. Jang Soo Kim, ROK Defense Minister

* August 24 (Friday)

08:40-09:00 Registration: Desk at the Conference Room

09:00-11:45 Panel IV: ROK-U.S. Maritime Security Cooperation
ㆍ ROK-U.S. Military Cooperation for Global War on Terrorism
ㆍ ROK-U.S. Navy Cooperation for ROKN’s SLOC Protection
ㆍPLA Navy’s  Buildup and Counter-move of U.S. Navy

– Chair( ROK)  Adm(ret.) Byoung Tae An, President, Korea Institute for Maritime Strategy
– Presenters
ROK: Dr. Suk-Joon Yoon, ROK Navy
U.S.: Dr. Bruce E. Bechtol, Jr., Prof., U.S. Marine Command
and Staff College
Dr. Andrew S. Erickson, Prof., U.S. Naval War College

– Discussants:
ROK: Dr. Seung Ryul Lee, Prof., Korean Naval Academy
U.S.: Lt.General(ret.) Raymond P. Ayres, Jr., USMC

12:00-14:00   Luncheon
Policy Speech; General Burell B. Bell, CFC Commander
Hosted by Mr. Eui-Sung Chung, Chairman,
Korea Institute for Maritime Strategy
Mr. Jung-Ki Park, President, Korea Corporate
Members of Association of the U.S. Army

14:10-17:00  Panel V: ROK-U.S. Economic Cooperation and
New Arrangement of ROK-U.S. Alliance
· Assessment of ROK-U.S. Free Trade Agreement
· Implication of ROK-U.S. Economic Cooperation on                               Korean Security
· New Arrangement of ROK-U.S. Alliance for the Future
– Chair: Dr. Walter Lohman, Director, Asian Studies                                             Center of the Heritage Foundation
– Presenters:
ROK: Dr. Jun Kyu Lee, Senior Fellow, Korea Institute for                                   International Economic Policy
ROK: Dr. Uk Heo, Prof., Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
U.S.: Dr. Scott C. Bradford, Prof., Brigham Young Univ.
– Discussants:
ROK: Dr. Taewook Choi, Prof., International Graduate                                      School of Hallym Univ.
Dr. Jong Ho Yoon, Prof., Korea National Defense                                     Univ.
U.S.: Lt. General(ret.) Raymond P. Ayres, Jr., USMC

17:00-17:15 Closing Remarks: Council Co-chairmen

18:00-21:00 Board of Director Meeting and Dinner with Foreign                                  Participants
Rapporteurs: Prof. Patrick Morgan, Univ. of California,                            Irvine
Dr. HugoWheegook Kim, East-West Research Institute, WDC
Dr. Il Hwa Jung, Prof., Dae Jin Univ.
Prof. Jae-Kap Ryoo, Fm. Kyonggi Univ. and COKUSS

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