International Conferences

The Future of ROK Navy –US Navy Cooperation

0900-0930 Welcome and opening statements

0930-1045 Panel Ⅰ: Respective Maritime Strategy”s

* Maritime Strategy in East Asia: RADM Michael McDevitt, USN (retired)

* Maritime Strategy and the Vision for the Future of the ROK Navy: VADM Lee Ji-doo, ROKN (retired)

* Naval Defense of the ROK : The evolution of roles and missions because of wartime OPCON changes: Dr Stanley Weeks, SAIC, (Commander, USN retired)

1045-1100: Coffee Break

1100-1230 Panel Ⅱ : Regional Naval Cooperation History and Prospects for the Future

* The US Navy’s Experience : The Cases of Japan and Australia: Dr James Auer, Vanderbilt University, (Captain, USN retired)

* Personal Experiences and Observations: Admiral Archie Clemons, USN (retired), former commander U.S. Pacific Fleet.

* ROKN Navy Experiences in Cooperation with USN and Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force: Rear Admiral Han Sang-ki, ROKN (retired)

* Personal Experiences and Observations from a former Senior ROK Flag Officer: Admiral An Byoung-tae, ROKN (retired) (Former ROKN CNO)

1230-1400 Lunch

1400-1600 Panel Ⅲ : Unique Opportunities for Cooperation ; Energy Security from Hormuz to Northeast Asia and Humanitarian Assistance from the Sea

* Oil-SLOC Security: What is the Threat and How Can the Mission be accomplished? Dr. Bud Cole, Captain, USN (ret), Professor, National War College

* Humanitarian Assistance from the Sea: Lessons from the Indonesian Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina. Ms. Christine Fox, President, Center for Naval Analyses

* ROKN Navy views on SLOC Security and Humanitarian assistance: Professor Kim Taeho

1600-1645 Concluding Commentary
Prospects for Future Cooperation and Next Steps

Moderator : RADM Michael McDevitt, USN (retired)

Mr. Chung Eui Sung, Founder and Board Chairman, KIMS

Admiral An Byoung-tae, ROKN (retired) President KIMS and former ROKN CNO

The Honorable James Kelly, former Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia

Admiral Ronald Zlatoper, USN (retired) former Commander U.S. Pacific Fleet


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