International Conferences

Critical Issues and Tasks of ROK-U.S. Alliance towards More Constructive Bilateral Security Relations

General(ret.) Jae- Chang Kim(Council Co-chairman, ROK)
General(ret.) John H. Tilelli(Council Co-chairman, U.S)
Ambassador Keun Park(President, The Korea America Friendship Society)

* Session I : Security Situation on the Korean Peninsula
and in the Northeast Asia

◦ North Korean Nuclear Issue and the 6-Party Talks
◦ North Korean Human Right Issue and Financial Sanctions
◦ Security Situation in the Northest Asia : Major Powers’
Hegemonic Competition
Chair : Prof. Chong Wook Chung (Seoul National Univ.)
Presenters: ROK : Prof. Jae- Chun Won (Handong University)
Prof. Kang Suk Rhee (Korean National Defense University)
U.S. : Dr. Leon V. Sigal (Director, Social Science Research Council)
Discussants : ROK : President, Min. Suk- Woo Kim (National Development Institute)
Prof. Hosup Kim (Joongang University)
U.S. : Dr. Mark E. Manyn (Congressional Research Service)
Policy Speech : Vice Amb. William Stanton (U.S. Embassy)

* Session II : Political Dynamic of the ROK after 5.31

◦ Assessment of 5.31 Election and Prospects for the Next Presidential Election
◦ Prospects for Political Stability of the ROK
Chair : Prof. Chin-Wee Chung (Yonsei University)
Presenters : ROK : Prof. Nae-Young Lee (Korea University)
Prof. In-Sub Mah (Sungkyunkwan University)
U.S. : Dr. Scott A. Snyder (Asia Society)
Discussants : ROK : Prof. Hyo-Chong Park (Seoul National University)
Dr. Choong Nam Kim (East-West Center,
U.S. : Dr. Peter Beck (International Crisis Group)

* Session III : ROK-U.S. Economic Cooperation and FTA
◦ Issue and Problems of ROK-U.S. Economic Cooperation
◦ Mutual Benefits of FTA

Chair : Prof. Robert C. Klemkeoky (Indiana/ Sungkyunkwan

Presenters : ROK : Prof. Inkyo Cheong (Inhwa University)
Prof. Byung-il Choi (Ehwa Women’s University)

U.S. : Dr. Edward M. Graham (Institute for International Economics)

Discussants : ROK : Dr. Kisoo Kim (Sejong Institute)
Prof. Taewook Choi (Hanllym University)
U.S. : Dr. Scott. C. Bradford, (Bringham Young University)
Policy Speech : Vice-Minister Kyu Sik Hwang (ROK
Department of Defense)

* Session IV : ROK-U.S. Maritime Strategic Cooperation in  Asia-Pacific Region
◦ ROK-U.S. Naval Strategic Cooperation on Asia-Pacific
◦ North Korea’s Attempt for Nullifying the Northern Limit Line
(NLL) and Proper Countermeasures.
Chair : Prof. Dalchoong Kim (Yonsei University)

Presenters : U.S. : RADM (ret.) Michael A. McDevitt
(Director, The Center for Naval Analysis)
ROK : Prof. Hyun Ki Kim (Kyonggi University)
Discussants : ROK : Dr. Ho Sub Jung (ROK Navy)
U.S. : MG. John W. Morgan III (C-3, CFC)
Policy Speech : Lit. Gen. David P. Valcourt (Commanding
General 8th U.S. Army)

* Session V : Strategic Flexibility’ of USFK and ROK-U.S.
Security Cooperation
◦ Issue and Prospects of Strategic Flexibility of USFK and UNC Structure
◦ Issue of Wartime Combined Operational Control : Toward
Mutual Benefit
Chair : Gen.(ret.) John H. Tilelli, Co-chairman (COKUSS)
Presenters : ROK : Prof. Young Ho Kim (Korean National Defense University)
Prof. Chaesung Chun (Seoul National
U.S. : Prof. Bruce E. Bechtol, Jr. (U.S. Marine
Corps Command and Staff College)
Discussants : ROK : Dr. Sang-Hyun, Lee (Sejong Institute)
Dr. Sung-han Kim (Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security)
U.S. : Lt Gen. (ret.) R

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