International Conferences

A New Phase of North Korean Refugees Issues: Problems and Solutions

Session 1

Chair : Tarik M. Radwan ; Attorney, Just Law International , USA
Paper 1 : The North Korean Refugees : Causes, Legal Status and Solutions
Presenter : Professor, Jae Chun Won , Handong International Law School
Discussant : Professor, Seong ho Jhe ,Chungang University
Paper 2 : Current state of North Korea Refugees in China and China”s Policy on North Korean Refugees Issues
Presenter : Director, Sang Bong Park ,The Future Korea Journal
Discussant : Professor, Yung-Kee Lee ,Myongji University
Paper 3 : Lessons from Germany : West Germany”s Handling of EastRefugees
Presenter : Hans-Juergen Kaack ; Federal Ministry of The Interior, Head of the Reunification Section
Discussant : Young Yoon Kim ; Senior Research Fellow, Korea Institute for National Unification

Session 2

Chair : Key-Sung Cho ; Former Ambassader, Peru/Argentina
Paper 1 : The Prospects of Massive Escape from North Korea : ItsImplications and Challenges
Presenter : Dai Kato ; Senior Protection Staff, Life Funds for NorthRefugees
Discussant : Seo-Hang Lee ; Professor, Institute of Foreign Affairsand Security
Paper 2 : The International Context of north korean Refugees Issues
Presenter : Tarik M. Radwan ; Attorney, Just law International, USA)
Discussant : Hyun-Soo Kim ; Professor, Naval War College


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