International Conferences

New Ocean Era and Maritime Security

Session 1 : Security situations and Maritime Strategies of the Countries in Asia Pacific
Paper 1 : Regional Maritime Security : The Risks of a New Cold War
Presenter : B. A. Hamzah
Paper 2 : Maritime Strategy of Main Countries on the Asia Pacific
Presenter : Yang Jinsen

Session 2 : Maritime Territorial Disputes and Exclusive Economic Zone
Paper 1 : Island Disputes in the South China Sea and Maritime Security
Presenter : Shinichi Ogawa
Paper 2 : Island Disputes and Maritime Security in Northeast Asia
Presenter : Andrew Mack
Paper 3 : EEZs in the East Asia Region : Issues and Prospects
Presenter : Paik, Jin-Hyin

Session 3 : Multinational Maritime Cooperation in Asia Pacific
Paper 1 : Third Party Intervention in the Spratelys and Paracels Disputesthe South China Sea
Presenter : Ichlasul Amal
Paper 2 : Northeast Asian Seas : Cooperation in the Development of Maritime Resources
Presenter : Mark J. Valencia
Paper 3 : Maritime Confidence Building Measures in the Asia Pacific : New for Navies
Presenter : Lee, Seo-Hang

Session 4 : Dynamics Between National Power and Naval Capability
Paper 1 : The Future of Korea”s Defense Strategy and the Role of Naval
Presenter : Lee, Chung Min
Paper 2 : National Capability and Its Implication on National Policy
Presenter : Valery K. Zaitsev
Paper 3 : National Economy and the Size of the Navy : A Case for theof Korea
Presenter : Lee, Choon Kun

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