International Conferences

Maritime Boundary Issues and Inlands Disputes in the East Asian Region

Panel 1 : Territorial Disputes over Offshore Islands : International Precedents and practicies
Chair : Professor Choon-Ho Park
Presenters : Dr. Robert W. Smith Geographer, U.S Department of state, Office of Ocean Affairs.
Discussants : Professor Chi-Young, Park , Hanyang University
Professor Douglas M. Johnston , Co-Director, SEAPOL,
National University of Singapore

Panel 2 : Northeast Asian Maritime Boundary Issues and Island Disputes
Chair : Professor Dalchoong, Kim , Yonsei University, Dean. Graduate of international Studies
Presenter : Professor Young-Koo, Kim , Korea Maritime University
Discussants : Professor Moon-Sang, Kwon : Korea Maritime Institute
Professor Frances Lai , Executive Director, SEAPOL

Panel 3 : Islands Disputes in East Asian Region : Chinese Perspective
Chair : Dr. Choon-Kun Lee , Korea Institute of Maritime Strategy
Presenter : Professor Wang Tieya , Peking University, Beijing, China
Discussants : Professor Seo-Hang Lee , Institute of Foreign Affairs and National SecurityDr. Robert W. Smith , Geographer. U.S. Department of State

Panel 4 : Islands Disputes in East Asian Region : Japanese Perspective
Chair : Professor Chi-Young Park , Hanyang University
Presenter : Professor Kazuomi Ouchi , Chuo University , Tokyo
Discussants : Professor Jin-Hyun Park, Seoul National University, Graduate School. Professor Jonathan I. Charney , Vanderbilt University

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