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KIMS-Canada Department of National Defense Roundtable

On July 10, 2023, Ms. Raquel Garbers, Director General of the Canadian Department of National Defense, and CAPT Jill Marrack, Canadian Defence Attaché, visited the Korea Institute for Maritime Strategy to discuss the Indo-Pacific Strategies of the two countries and shared security concerns including China’s gray zone strategy.

This meeting is the first meeting between KIMS and Canadian government officials.
Proposed by the Canadian Embassy, the meeting was arranged in reflection of South Korea’s enhanced position on critical security issues.

KIMS Chairman Eui-Sung Chung’s welcoming remark was followed by Dr. Sam-man Chung’s presentation on the gray zone strategies and discussions. Ms. Garbers introduced Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy and emphasized cooperation among allies and partners on joint response against gray zone strategy which is expanding across military, economic and political domains.

Furthermore, Ms. Garbers raised the importance of 1.5 track discussions involving government officials and non-governmental experts. The meeting ended with agreements on further cooperation for international maritime security.

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