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The 16th International Seapower Symposium

On June 8, 2023, the Korea Institute for Maritime Strategy co-hosted the 16th International Seapower Sympoisum at Signiel Busan with the ROK Navy, the SLOC Study Group-Korea, the Korean Association of International Studies, Sejong,·Hanyang·Chungnam National Universities.

The 16th Symposium held under the theme of “Comprehensive Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific Region and Maritime Security” aimed to △support the government in its implementation of the Indo-Pacific Strategy, △discuss measures to bolster national seapower, and △enhance the national understanding of seapower.

The Symposium was attended by more than 300 participants including members of the National Assembly such as the Hon. Gi-ho Han(People Power Party), Chairman of the National Assembly Defense Committee, Minister of National Defense Jong-Sup Lee, Chief of Naval Operations ADM Jong-ho Lee, CFC Deputy Commander General Byung Suk Ahn, former Chiefs of Naval Operations, Navy advisory committee members and security experts.

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