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Forum on ROK-France Maritime Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific

On March 27, 2023, the Korea Institute for Maritime Strategy co-hosted with the French Embassy the Forum on ROK-France Maritime Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific. The Forum was hosted in line with the visit of Rear Adm. Geoffroy d’Andigne, Joint Commander of the French Forces in the Asia-Pacific (ALPACI) and French Polynesia. Moderated by former Unification Minister In-taek Hyun, Adm. d’Andigne and Rear Adm. Kyung-cheol Kim, Commander of ROK Navy’s Naval Force Analysis Test and Evaluation Group, presented each navy’s mission and role in the Indo-Pacific. Attendees include the discussants, Dr. Sam-man Chung (KIMS), Dr. Sanggap Lee (KIMS), Prof. Jaewoo Choo (Kyunghee Univ.), Prof. Kuyoun Chung (Gangwon National Univ.), and Prof. Hae-Won Jun (KNDA), and the military attachés from the embassies of US, Spain, and Japan. The forum affirmed the presence of shared interests between South Korea and France in the Indo-Pacific which led to discussions on future cooperation and communications on joint military exercises, logistical support, and interoperability.

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