Domestic Conferences

How to Defense Northern Island and NLL

  • Opening Remarks : Kim Tae-Kyo, KIMA President
    • Welcome Remarks : Lee Jeong Yun, RIMS President
  • Topic Presentation & Debate

    Moderator : Dr. Han Yong-Sub, Vice President, NDC

◦ 60 years since the armistice treaty the NLL&Northern-Western Islands
                Dr. Jhe Seong-Ho, Professor, Chung-Ang Univ.

◦ An Assessment of Sanctions on North Korea and the Prospect
                Jeon Seong-Hun, Director, North Korea Research Center

◦ South Korea’s Strategy to cope with local Provocations by Nuclear
Armed North Korea

Dr. Kim Tae-Woo, KIMS Senior Research Fellow

◦ Discussants
– VADM. Kim Sung-Man, Former Commander, ROK Fleet
– Dr. Back Seung-Ju, KIDA Senior Research Fellow
– Dr. Park Hwi-Lak, Professor, Kuk-Min Univ.

  • Cheon-An Ship Tour (2nd Fleet)

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