Domestic Conferences

Maritime Security threat and building the Korean Navy

  • Opening Remarks : Kim Jae-Chang, KODEF President
    • Welcome Remarks : Song Keun-Ho, Kims President

        • Congratulatory Speech : Rhu Seung-Min, Congressman,
    National Assembly
        • Keynote Speech : RADM. Choi Yoon-Hee, CNO, ROKN
  • Panel I : Topic Presentation & Debate

    Moderator : Dr. Han Yong-Sub, Vice President, NDC

              ◦ Threat Maritime Security and Enhanged ROKN Role
Dr. Park Chang-Kwoun, KIDA Senior Research Fellow

◦ The Importance of SLOC Southern Jeju Island
Dr. Lee Choon-Kun, KIMS Senior Research Fellow

◦ The Ways of ROKN Building
Dr. Kim Ki-Joo, National Defence College

◦ Discussants
– Lee Jung-Hoon, Sindong-A Jurnalist
– Yang Wook, KODEF Research Fellow
– Dr. Lim In-Soo, KIMS Research Fellow

    • Panel II : Round Table Debate

Moderator : Dr. Kim Dal-Joong, Professor Emeritus Yonsei University

◦ Topic : Suggestion for Strong ROK Navy Building
– An Kyu-Back, Congressman
– Kim Sung-Chan, Congressman
– Back Kun-Ki, Congressman
– Dr. Kim Yoel-Soo, Prof. Sung Shin Univ.
– RADM. Shin Seung-Sub, 7th Flot Commander
– Dr. Kim Jong-Min, Former Vice DAPA
– Yoo Yong-Won, Chosun Il-bo
– Choi Hyun-Soo, Kookmin Il-bo

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