Domestic Conferences

KIMS-RIMS Security Seminar : How to defend North- West Isles and NLL in Korea

09:30- 09:50  Open Ceremony

Open Remarks : President  Song  Keun-Ho, KIMS

Keynote Speech : General  Jung  Seung- Jo, Chairman, JCS

09:50-11:20   Presentation/Discussion

Moderator : President  Lee  Jeong – Yoon, RIMS

Paper 1. Evaluation of  the 2nd year of the ROK government’s May 24th
Countermeasures on North Korea

Dr. Cheon Seong-Hwun, Senior Research Fellow, Korea Insttute for
National Unification

Paper 2. Evaluation of North Korea’s military Threats and the ROK Military’s Prepareness

Military Threats : BGEN. Yoon  Hong-Keun, JCS

Military Prepareness : BGEN.  Koo  Hong-Mo, JCS

Paper 3.  What have chaged in the ROK Navy after the ROK’s Cheonan Sinking by
North Korea

RADM. Moon  Myung-Ok, ROK Navy HQs

Paper 4. Does the North-West Isles Defense Command have the Capabilities to
complete Mission

BGEN.  Cho  Dong- Taek,  North-West Isles Defense Command


Dr. Sin Beong-Chul, Korea Institute for Defense Analyses

Dr. Hur  Nam-Sung, President, Institute for Crisis Management, Korea

RADM(r). Kim  Heok -Soo, Senior Research Fellow, KIMS, Former Commander
Submarine Flot

Dr. Choi  Myong-Sang, Former, Superintendent  ROK Air Force Academy

12:30-14:00    Luncheon/ Conclusion

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