Domestic Conferences

Korean National Security in Crisis : Causes and Solution?

14:00-14:30   Open Ceremony

Open Remarks         President   Kim Jae-Chang, CODEF
Welcome  Remarks   Minister   Park Sung- Choon, Ministry of the National Patrots
and Veterans Affairs
Congratulatory        Assemlyman   Han  Ki-Ho,  Assembly of Korea
Keynote Speech     Excutive Vice Chairperson  Kim  Heon -Wook,
The National Unification Advisory

14:30- 17:30    Presentation and Discussion

Moderator  :  Professor   Hur  Nam-Sung, Prersident,
Institute for Crisis Management, Korea

Paper 1. North Korea’s Anti- ROK Comminization Strategy

Professor  KIM  Yeol-Soo, Korea National Defense University

Paper 2 : Background of the Transfer of Wartime Operational Control and the Issues

Dr. Lee  Choon-Kun, Senior Research Fellow,KIMS

Paper 3.  Moptivation of Peace Regime discussion in Korean  Peninsula and the Issues

Professor  Yoon  Duk-Min, Korea National Diplomatic Academy

Paper 4 . The Nature of Unification  under Federal System and  the Isuues

Dr. Yoo  Dong- Yeol


Dr. Chung  Ok-IM, Assemblyman of ROK

Reporter  Yoo  Yong- Won, Chosen Il Bo,

President  Song  Dae-sung, Sejong Institute

President  Kim  Tae-Woo, Korea Institution for National Unification

17:30-20:00    Dinner/ Conclusion

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