Domestic Conferences

Unification Security Symmposium

14:00-15:30  Presentation

Moderator : President  Yang Tae- Ho, KUPI

Paper 1. North Korea’s Military Provocation, Prospect of Unification and National
Security after the PowerTransition in North Korea

Chairman  Lim Cheon -Yong, Free North Korean Serviceperson Union

Paper 2. Prospect of Unification  and  National Security Following Dictatorship by
“Great Leaders (Suryeong)” and Three Generation of a family Dictatorship
in North Korea

Chaiman  Kim  Young- Soon,  Defector from North Korea

Paper 3. The reality of the Violation of Women’s Rights in the North Korea and
Seoul’s Countermeasures on the Issue

Professor  Lee  Yae-Ran,  Kyunin Women’s Unuversity,
Defector from  North Korea

15;30- 15:50   Coffee Break

15:50-17:00   Discussion

Reporter   Kang Chul- Han,   Chosen Ilbo, Defector from North Korea
Presentative  Klm  Seong-Min,  Free North Korea Radio
Presentative  Ha  Tae-Kyung,   Open North Korea Radio

17:00-18:30    Dinner

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