Domestic Conferences

KIMS-RIMS Security Seminar : How to defend the northwest islands and NLL

09:00-09:30    Registration

09:30-09:35    Opening Remarks

                    President Lee Jeong-Yoon, RIMS

09:35-11:05    Papers

            Moderator : President Song Keun-Ho, KIMS

     Paper 1 : Assessment of 5.24 actions against
North Korea to respond to the Cheonan

          Dr. Cheon Seong-Whun, Senior Research Fellow,
Korea Institute for National Unification

     Paper 2 : What if Yeongpyeong Island is shelled by
North Korean today?

          Vice General(ret). Lee Gap-Jin,
Former Commander of ROK Marin Corps

     Paper 3 : How to constrain North Korea’s provocation
to the Northwest Islands

          Dr. Park Chang-Kwoun, Senior Research Fellow,
Korea Institute for Defense Analysis

     Paper 4 : Cheonan SinkingㆍYeonpyeong Island attack
and the reform bill for the National Defense

          Dr. Hong Kyu-Duk, Reform Director,
Ministry of National Defense

11:05-11:20    Coffee Break


11:20-12:30    Discussants

       ◦ Emeritus Prof. Yoo Seok-Yeol,
Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security
       ◦ Vice Admiral, Kim Sung-Man,
Former Commander of ROK Fleet
       ◦ Major General, Kim Jong-Young,
Senior Research Fellow, RIMS
       ◦ Editorial Writer, Lee, Jung-Hoon,
Dong-A Ilbo

12:30-13:30    Luncheon / Conclusion

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