Domestic Conferences

KIMS-RIMS Security Seminar : North Korea’s Shelling of Yeonpyeongdo and South Korea’s Response

09:30-09:35  Opening Ceremony
– Opening Remarks : Song Keun-Ho,
President, KIMS

09:35-09:50  Keynote Speech

                   – Assemblyman, Kim Hak-Song,
Former Chairman of Assembly National
Defense Committee

09:50-11:10  Papers

                 Moderator : Prof. Chung Jong-Wook,
National Seoul Univ.

Paper 1. North Korean Intentions behind
the Yeonpyeongdo Incident &
an Outlook of the Korean Peninsula’s
State of Affairs
– Dr. Cho Sung-Ryol,
Institute for National Security Strategy

Paper 2. Defense of the Northern Limit Line(NLL)
& a Developmental Path for the Defense
of the North-Western Islands
– Dr. Ahn Kee-Seok, Senior Researcher, KIMS

Paper 3. The Strategic Value of the Five North-Western
Islands & a Proposal for a Wider Active Role
for their Defense
– Prof. Ahn Kwang-Chan, Konkuk University

Paper 4. A Proposal for Force Structure Increase on
the Five North-Western Islands
– VGEN. Lee Kap-Jin, Vice President, RIMS

11:10-11:20  Coffee Break

11:20-12:30  Discussants

                   – Prof. Yoon Young-Mi, Pyongtaek Univ.
– Dr. Chung Cheol-Ho, Senior Researcher,
Sejong Institute
– Prof. Han Yong-Sup, National Defense Univ.
– Dr. Lim Chi-Kyu, Committee for National
Defense Enhancement

12:30-12:35  Conclusion Remark

                    – Lee Jeong-Yoon, President, RIMS

12:35-14:00  Luncheon

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