Domestic Conferences

ROKS Cheonan Incident and National Security

10:00~10:05    Opening Ceremony

◦ Opening Remarks : Song Keun-Ho
President, KIMS

10:05~11:20    Panel I : Choenan Incident and Responsive

                                 ◦ Moderator : Prof. Yim Yong-Soon,
Sungkyunkwan University

                     ㆍ Paper 1. What is North Korea Seeking
through the Cheonan Incident?

                                               MGEN(R). Park Seung-Choon,
Former National Intelligence Agency

                     ㆍ Paper 2. The Sinking of the Cheonan &
Consequent Responses from
an International Law Perspective

                                              Prof. Lee Chang-Wi,
University of Seoul

                     ㆍ Paper 3. The Republic of Korea’s
Responsive Strategy to
the Cheonan Incident

                                              Dr. Park Young-Ho,
Korea Institute for National Unification

11:20~12:30    Discussnats:

– Prof. Kim Taeho, Senior Researcher of KIMS
– Dr. Kim Hyun-Ki, Senior Researcher of KIMS
– Prof. Huh Nam-Sung, National Defense University

12:30~13:30    Luncheon

13:30~14:40    Panel II : Cheonan Incident and Strengthening
of National Security Capabilities

                                 ◦ Moderator : Dr. Chung Joon-Ho,
Former Vice Minister
of National Defense

                     ㆍ Paper 4. The South Korean People’s
Conception of Security: Problems
& Direction for Improvement

                                              Prof. Han Yong-Sup,
National Defense University

                     ㆍ Paper 5. The Sinking of the Cheonan &
Strengthening the Military’s Force

                                              Prof. Kim Jong-Min,
Hannam University

                     ㆍ Paper 6. The Cheonan Incident & the
Developmental Direction of the
National Security / Crisis
Management System

                                              Dr. Cha Doo-Heon,
Korea Institute of Defense Analyses

14:40~14:50    Coffee Break

14:50~16:50    Discussnats:
                        – Dr. Kim Min-Seok, Joongang Ilbo
– Dr. Kim Tae-Woo, Korea Institute of Defense Analyses
– Dr. Choi Myong-Sang, Former Air War College

16:30             Closing

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