Domestic Conferences

The 13th On Board Conference-Admiral Son Won Il’s Founding Thoughts of ROK Navy and Development of ROK Naval Power

14 May 2009

14:00-14:30   Opening Ceremony

ㆍOpening Remarks
– Admiral Jung Ok-Keun, CNO, ROK Navy

ㆍCongratulatory Speech
– President Lee Seo-Hang,
The SLOC Study Group-Korea

ㆍKey-note Speech
– Dr. Kim Tae Hyo,
The Secretary to the President for
National Security, Cheongwadae

14:30-16:00  First Session

   Paper 1 : Taking Stock of Admiral Son Won Il’s
Founding Thoughts of ROK Navy

ㆍPresentation : Prof. Yoon Myung-Cheol, Dongkuk University
ㆍDiscussant : Dr. Kim Hyun-Ki, Senior Research Fellow, KIMS

Paper 2 : Development of High-tech Naval Power
and National Defense Industry

ㆍPresentation : Prof. Kim Jong-Ha, Hannam University
ㆍDiscussant : Dr. Hwang Jin-Hee, Korea Maritime Institute
Prof. Kim Kang-Yeong, Kyonggi University

16:00-16:15  Break

16:15-18:00  Second Session

Paper 3 : The ROK Navy’s Role in North Korea’s WMD Threats

ㆍPresentation : Dr. Kim Tae-Woo, KIDA
ㆍDiscussant : VGEN(r). An Kwang-Chan

Paper 4 : Future Threats to Maritime Security
and Directions of ROK Naval Development

ㆍPresentation : Prof. Sin Seogn-Ho, Seoul National University
ㆍDiscussant : Dr. Chung Eun-Sook, Sejong Institute
Prof. Kil Byoung-Ok, Chungnam University

18:00-19:30   Dinner

ㆍDinner Speech
– Ambassador Song Keun-Ho, President, KIMS

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