Domestic Conferences

Sino-Japanese Relations in the 21st Century and East Asian Security

08:30-09:00 Registration

09:00-09:10 Opening Ceremony

Opening Remarks: Present, Kim, Hong Yeal (KIMS)

Session 1: A New Phase of Sino-Japanese Relations

09:10-10:45  Chair: Prof. Chung, Jong Wook (Ajou Univ.)

Paper 1: Nationalism in East Asia  Sino-Japanese
Relations in the 21st Century
Presenter: Prof. Lee,  Hong  Pyo Kyusu Univ.)
Paper 2: The Rise of China and Japan’s Response

Presenter: Prof.  Ahn  In Hae (Korea Univ.)

Paper 3: Japan’s Security Strategy and China’s Response

Presenter: Prof.  Son, Ki sup (Seoul National Univ.)

10:45-11:00   Break

11:00-12:15   Discussants

Paper 1: Prof. Jeon, Jin Ho (Kwangwoon Univ.)

Paper 2: Dr. Song, Hwa Sup (KIDA)

Paper 3: Dr. Yoon, Suk Joon (ROK Navy)

12:15-13:15   Luncheon

Session 2: China-Japan Relations and East Asian Security

13:15-15:00  Chair: Prof. Yim Yong Soon (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)

Paper 1: U.S.-China-Japan Trilateral RelationEast
Asian Security

Presenter : Prof.  Nam, Chang  Hee (Inha Univ.)

Paper 2: Sino-Japanese Relations in the 21st Century:
Issues and Prospects for the Future

Presenter : Prof.  Kim, Tae Ho (Hanllym Univ.)

Paper 3: Strategic CompetitiobetweeChinaandJapan
and Korea Security

Presenter : Prof.  Park, In  hui (Ehwa Women’Univ.)

15:00-15:15 Break

15:15-16:30   Discussant

Paper 1:  Dr. Lee, Choon  Kun (Center for Free Enterprise),

Paper 2 : Prof.  Son, Yeol (Choongang Univ.)

Paper 3:  Dr. Kim, Hyun Ki (KIMS)

16:30 Closing

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