Domestic Conferences

Japan’s Maritime Strategy and Northeast Asian Security in the 21st Century

* Session 1
Chair : Prof. Yim Yong Soon (Sungkyunkwan University)

Paper 1. Maritime Features of Japan’s National Security
Presenter : Prof. Yoon Jung Suk (Sookmyung Women’s

Discussant : Dr. Kim Jong Doo(Kyunghyan Shinmun)

Paper 2. The Development Trajectory of Japan’s Naval Power
Presenter : Dr. Lee Choon Kun(Center for Enterprise)
Discussant : Dr. Bae Jung Ho(Korea Institute for National


Paper 3. Japan’s Maritime Strategy in the Post-Cold War Period

; Trends and Prospects
Presenter : Dr. Song Young Seon(KIDA)
Discussant : Dr. Kim Hyun Ki (KIMS)

* Session 2
Chair : Prof. Chung Joon Ho(Korea National Defense


Paper 4. Japan’s Maritime Strategy and U.S.-Japan Alliance
Presenter : Prof. Lee Seo Hang(Institute of Foreign Affairs and

National Security)
Discussant : Dr. Jin Chang Soo(Sejong Institute)

Paper 5. The Rise of Japan’s Naval Power and China’s Security Strategy
Presenter : Prof. Lee Hong Pyo(Nagoya University, Japan)
Discussant : Prof. Nam Chang Hee(Inha University)

Paper 6. The Build-up of Japan’s Naval Power and the Security

on the Korean Peninsula
Presenter : Prof. Lee Ki Taek(Yonsie University)
Discussant : Dr. Jung Ho-Sup(ROK Navy)

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