Domestic Conferences

Opening of the 21st Century Ocean Era and Korea’s Maritime Police

◎ Session 1

* Chair : ADM(r). Kim Hong Yeol(Former CNO, ROK Navy)

Paper 1 : Changes in the Maritime Security Environment in the 21st Century and Some Corresponding Strategies

Presenter : VADM(r). Kang Duk Dong(General Staff of Korea Sea League)
Discussant : Prof. Chung Jun Hwan (Incheon University)

Paper 2. Changes in the Demands for Maritime Peace-keeping in the Seas near the Korean Peninsula and the Role of the Maritime Security Guard

Presenter : Prof. Choi Jong Hwa (Pukyung University)
Discussant : Prof. Kim Hyun Soo (Korea Naval War College)

◎ Session 2

* Chair : Prof. Lee Sang Woo (Sogang University)

Paper 3 : Directions for the Development of Maritime Security
Guard ; Missions and Structure

Presenter : Dr. Kim Hyun Ki (KIMS)
Discussant : Prof. Kim Bo Hwan (Dongkuk University)

Paper 4. Directions for the Development of Maritime Security
Guard ; Developing Naval Vessels and the Improvement of the Working Environment

Presenter : Prof. Yoon Jong Hee (Korea Maritime University)
Discussant : VADM(r). Yoon Kwang Wong (ROK Navy)

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