Domestic Conferences

Invasion of the Maritime Imperials and Maritime Policy of the Modern Chosen Dynasty

◎ Session 1
Chair : Prof. Cha Moon Suk
(President of Seoul City Historical Association)

Paper 1. “Byongin” and “Shinmi” Yangyo and Yi Dynasty’s Response to Them

Presenter : Prof. Kim Won Mo (Dankuk University)
Discussant : Dr. You Jae Taek (Korean Educational Development Institute)

Paper 2. The Unyangho Incident and the Military Modernization of the Yi Dynasty

Presenter : Prof. Lee Hyun Hee (Sungshin University)
Discussant : Prof. Choi Duk Soo (Korea University)

Paper 3. The Invasion by the British Naval Fleet without Warning Notice and Its Influence

Presenter : Prof. Kim Jae Seung (Korea Maritime University)
Discussant : Dr. Lee San Chan (Seoul National University)

◎ Session 2
Chair : Prof. Sin Yong Hwa (Seoul National University)

Paper 4. Japan’s Policy to Strengthen its Modern Naval Force

Presenter : Prof. Cho Myung Cheol (Korea University)
Discussant : Commader, Ym Jin Ho (ROK Navy)

Paper 5. The Sino-Japan War and the Russo-Japan War, and Yi Dynasty’s Historical Fate

Presenter : Prof. Lee Min Ho (Hansung University)
Discussant : Prof. Chung Young hee (Incheon University)

Paper 6. Yi Dynasty’s Policy Efforts to Found its Modern Navy

Presenter : Dr. Chang Hak Keun (KIMS)
Discussant : Prof. Kang Byung Sik (Hansung University)

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