Domestic Conferences

National Economy and Ocean Security

Chair : Prof. Ryu Jae Kab (Kyunggi University)

Paper 1. National Economy in the 21st Century and the Issue of Maritime Power

Presenter : Prof. Lee Tae Woo (Korea Maritime University)
Discussant : Dr. Yang Hae Sung (POSCO Insitutue)

Paper 2. Korea’s Marine Transportation Industry

Presenter : Dr. Kang Jong Hee (Korea Maritime Insitute)
Discussant : Mr. Kim Young Moo (Korea Shipowners’ Association)

Paper 3. Korea’s Marine Products Industry

Presenter : Dr. Park Sung Kwae (Korea Maritime Institute)
Discussant : Prof. Lee Joo Hee (Pukyung University)

◎ Session 2

Chair : Dr. Cho Jeong Jae (Former Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries)

Paper 4. Korea’s Ship-building Industry

Presenter : Mr. Kim Jung Ho(Executive Director of the Korea Shipowners’ Association)
Discussant : Dr. Jang Seok (Korea Maritime Institute)

Paper 5. Korea’s Sea-bed Resource Industry

Presenter : Dr. Seok Bong Chul (Korea Maritime Institute)
Discussant : Prof. Park Yong An (Seoul National University)

Paper 6. Security of Korea’s Sea Line of Communications and Naval Power

Presenter : Dr. Kim Hyun Ki (KIMS)
Discussant : Dr. Jung Sam Man (ROK Navy)

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