Domestic Conferences

Academic Conference in Commemoration of the Opening of the Korea Institute for Maritime Strategy

◎ Session Ⅰ : The Issue of Sea Transportation in Korea

Chair : Dr. Cho Jung Jae (President of the Korea Maritime Institute)

Paper 1. The Sea Transportation Industry in Korea and Proposals for the Promotion of Its Competitiveness

Presenter : Sectional Chief. Kim Ha Jin (Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries)
Discussant : Prof. Choi Jae Soo (Korea Maritime University)

Paper 2. A Re-evaluation of Port Developing Strategy

Presenter : Prof. Lee Chung Bae (Chungang University)
Discussant : Sectional Chief. Kang Moo Hyun (Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries)

Paper 3. Proposals for the Improvement of Goods-Transfer System in the Ports

Presenter : Dr. Jung Phil Soo (Korea Maritime Institute)
Discussant : Prof. Kim Jung Hee (Kyunggi University)

◎ Session Ⅱ : Maritime Problems in the Seas near the Korean Peninsula in the New Era “Law of the Seas”

Chair : Dr. Park Choon Ho (Judge, International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea)

Paper 4. Global Maritime Problems and United Nations Law of the Seas

Presenter : Prof. Lee Seo Hang (Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security)
Discussant : Prof. Kim Young Koo (Korea Maritime University)

Paper 5. Maritime Issues between Korea and China

Presenter : Prof. Baek Jin Hyun (Seoul National University)
Discussant : Dr. Oh Seung Ryeol (Korea Institute for National Unification)

Paper 6. Maritime Issues between Korea and Japan

Presenter : Prof. Kang Young Hoon (Korea Naval War College)
Discussant : Dr. Kim Byung Ryeol (Korea National Defense University)

◎ Session Ⅲ : Korean Neighbor’s Maritime Strategies and Proposals for Developing the ROK Navy

Chair : Prof. Lee Ki Taek (Yonsei University)

Paper 7. China’s Maritime Strategy in the Post-Cold War
Period and Prospects for the Future of China’s Naval Power

Presenter : Dr. Kim Tae Ho (Korea Institute for Defense Analysis)
Discussant : Dr. Kim Kang Nyeong (Harmony Politics Institute)

Paper 8. Japan’s Naval Power and Its Naval Strategy

Presenter : Prof. Kim Kyung Min (Hanyang University)
Discussant : Dr. Bae Jung Ho (Korea Institute for National Unification)

Paper 9. U.S. Maritime Strategy and American Naval Forces in the Asian-Pacific Region

Presenter : Dr. Lee Choon Kum (KIMS)
Discussant : Dr. Lee Seon Ho (Institute of Current Issues Studies

Paper 10. The Current Status of ROK Navy and Proposals for its Development

Presenter : Prof. Kim Il Sang (Korea Naval War College)
Discussnat : RADM(r). Kang Young-O (Retired ROK Navy)

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