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2023 Security Lecture Support

KIMS sponsored total of 14 security lectures at universities and 9 special lectures at military institutes in 2023.

The special lectures covered military strategies and competitions between the US and China, South Korea’s Indo-Pacific strategy, North Korea’s nuclear threat, as well as the Russian-Ukrainian war that reflects contemporary security dynamics.

Many experts have been invited to share their thoughts and insights with students and military. Not only domestic experts (prof. Sheen Seong-ho at SNU GSIS, prof. Cho Young Nam at SNU GSIS, Park Ihn-hwi at Ewha Womans Univ., Cheong Seong-Chang at Sejong Institute, Lee Su-jin at KIDA, Kang Younghoon at Jeju Peace Institute, etc.), but also many foreign scholars (John Hemmings at Pacific Forum, Bence Nemeth at King’s College London, Gordon Flake at Perth USAsia Centre) participated in the lecture series and presented their works. Moreover, active-duty officers (Shim Jae-hak at ROK Fleet, prof. Jeon Chang-Bin at NWC) and retired officers (VADM So Young-Min, ADM Kim Dukki) shared their expertise trained with field experiences.

KIMS will continue to sponsor various lectures to foster the significance of security and maritime strategy, as well as provide more opportunities to young generation and the military.


<2023 Security Lecture Support at Universities>

14 sessions in total

  1. Yong In University ROTC

– September 14: LTG(R) So Youngmin (Army Special Warfare Commander), “Future Security Environment and Development Direction of Special Warfare in Northeast Asia”

  1. Sejong University

– October 26: Chairman Choi Yoon Hee (ROK Seapower League), “China’s Maritime Security Threat and Its Strategy in Northeast Asia”

– December 21: ADM Kim Dukki (ROK Navy), “New Challenge of ROK Navy, “To Space, the Sea of Future” – Initiatives of each government departments and Navy’s correspondence”

  1. Ewha Womans University

– October 27: Prof. Jeon Chang-Bin (Naval War College): “China’s Maritime Strategy in Xi Jinping’s era and South Korea’s Security”

– November 28: Dr. Cheong Seong-Chang (Sejong Institute): “Nuclear Threat of North Korea, and Nuclear Option of South Korea”

  1. Gyeonggi University of Science and Technology ROTC

– November 21: Dr. Kwon Young-Il, “Introduction to Maritime Strategy”

– November 21: Dr. Kim Eun-Soo, “Maritime Youth Leadership”

  1. Chungnam National University

– November 22: Lee Se-hwan (Reporter), “Development of Russia-Ukrainian and Israel-Hamas Wars, and Their Implications to ROK Armed Forces”

  1. Chung-Ang University

– November 17: Sim Jaehak (ROK Joint Chiefs of Staff), “North Korean Threat in NLL and Gray Zone, and Strategy of ROK Navy”

– December 1: Dr. Kim Min-Ah, “Economic Cooperation between the two Koreas in the Era of Industry 4.0”

– December 1: Dr. Kim Kang-Nyeong, “Yoon Administration’s Unification-Foreign Policy toward North Korea and Activities of The Peaceful Unification Advisory Council”

– December 4: Dr. Keum Min, “Case Study of German Unification for Promoting Reconciliatory Cooperation between the Two Koreas”

– December 8: Chairman Ki Yeon-Su (Korea-Russia Association), “Russia-North Korea Cooperation and Future of the Korean Peninsula”

  1. Seoul National University

– June 12: Dr. John Hemmings (Pacific Forum), “US-China Maritime Security Issues in the Indo-Pacific”


<2023 Special Lectures at Military Institutes>

9 sessions in total

  1. Naval War College

– January 16: Dr. Lee Su-Jin (KIDA), “US National Defense Strategy and Conflict Scenario at South China Sea”

– February 2: Prof. Cho Young Nam (SNU GSIS), “China’s Maritime Security Situation and Prospects”

– February 2: Dr. Lee Su-Jin (KIDA), “US Security Strategy and Korea’s Indo-Pacific Strategy”

– March 9: Prof. Sheen Seong-Ho (SNU GSIS), “South Korea’s Indo-Pacific Strategy and it Implications to ROK Navy”

– July 25: Prof. Park Ihn-hwi (Ewha Womans Univ.), “US-China Conflict in Northeast Asian Region and Its Implications to ROK Navy”

– July 28: Prof. Bence Nemeth (King’s College London), “The British Point of View on the ROK’s Indo-Pacific Strategy and the Role of the ROK Navy”

– September 12: President Kang Younghoon (Jeju Peace Institute), “The Nature of US-China Strategic Race and Its Implications to Korean Security”

  1. ROK Naval Academy

– June 5: Prof. Gordon Flake (Perth USAsia Centre), “Maritime Security and Strategic Interests in the Indo-Pacific: Perspectives from Australia’s Indian Ocean Capital”

  1. ROK Fleet

– June 9: Prof. Gordon Flake (Perth USAsia Centre), “Maritime Security and Strategic Interests in the Indo-Pacific: Perspectives from Australia’s Indian Ocean Capital”

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